Tuesday, 24 August 2010

Leaving the nest

There has been a wood pigeon nest in our neighbour's small hawthorn tree just the other side of the fence. A very small tree for such large birds! About 2 weeks ago the tree, and presumably the nest, were no longer big enough for the baby wood pigeon, so since then he has been sitting on top of our fence amidst the honeysuckle. Our neighbour has a lot of cats so it is quite surprising that he has survived, but he has.

We have been lucky enough to see him being fed a couple of times - although it's not a pretty sight!

Yesterday he decided to take his first flight, sadly straight into our window. Here he is, having made it back up onto the bench, and not quite sure where to go next.

He had another couple of goes at flying yesterday evening, but sadly the window kept getting in the way.  His flying was pretty good but his sense of direction was appalling!

This morning he has gone - hopefully he worked out which way was house and which way was sky.  There are no feathers, so at any rate that's a good sign!


  1. Ah bless. We had a lone rather decrepit looking male woody with a gammy leg and I was always telling him that he'd need to sharpen himself if he wanted a girlfriend. He seemingly found himself a mate this year and the two of them canoodle in the garden. One day we spotted a large fluffy youngster, rather like yours in the photo, so clearly the union was successful.

  2. no feather pile is definitely a good sign!!!

  3. How sweet :) I've had various fledgelings in my garden this year, and had to rescue a couple from my neighbours cat - amazingly they survived though who knows for how long.

  4. they are so scraggy looking aren't they? we have several bathe in our pond, and the youngsters fledged the tops of their heads last. Looked absolutely daft, like they were having very bad hair days!

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