Sunday, 17 October 2010


Yesterday the textile group I belong to were lucky enough to have Sue Lawty as a visiting tutor.  Sue is an amazingly inspiring and generous teacher and her work is fabulous - do go and have a look.  I have done a little bit of weaving before but not 'proper' tapestry weaving.  Usually after one of these days I am far too tired to do much in the evening but yesterday, tired or not, I was back on the weaving the minute I got home!  Here is my little sample, not much, it is only 2" wide and I have been using fine threads so it grows very slowly.

I don't really have a plan for it, I am experimenting with combining different fine threads together at the moment to see the effect I get.  Then I want to try using grasses, and wire, and...  I am finding it totally addictive!


  1. ooh, ooh, ooh! i love this little demo piece tho - the colours are lovely! would make a sweet little wall hanging... *hint* :))

  2. Lovely colours and texture.

    I want to try weaving!

  3. mmm, textures - tiny wallhanging, I agree!

  4. This is beautiful and the detail you've achieved with the threads makes it look a lot bigger in the photo. Do share when you've done some more :)

  5. please please could you write some simple steps or instructions for the weaving, I want to try!!!


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