Saturday, 25 June 2011

Ancient History

Ancient historyI've been clearing out. So much fabric - some of it has to go!

I found a box of pieces saved from my City & Guilds Embroidery course days - I had forgotten about these two. I'm wondering whether to remount them - maybe wrap them around a little canvas - and put them in the shop? What do you think?

Ancient history

I always liked the darker one (I hope the picture isn't too dark) but was less sure about the pink and orange one - a bit too bright for me - but it is fun!

It does seem a shame to have them stashed away in a box never seeing the light of day.

Beachcombing ISomething else that I found was this piece.  This was a sample I did when I was learning how to do shisha embroidery - can you see the little mirrors?  But, they're not all mirrors, there are shells and pieces of slate and sea glass in there.  This was the beginning of my journey into sewing bits picked up on the beach onto my work.

Beachcombing I (detail)

Such a lot has come from this piece!  I made 3 pieces at the time, all quite different but all with shells and/or sea glass stitched onto them.  My sister has one of them, the other piece was the first piece of my work I ever sold.  What a thrill that was!

I saw some nice white frames in John Lewis the other day, I think I might remount this one and put it on my wall.

Did I ever tell you how/why I started collecting things on the beach?  You see, I don't much like building sandcastles so I needed to look busy... such a bad mother...!!


  1. They are beautiful pieces of art.

  2. They are lovely and definitely shouldn't be hidden away!

  3. i like the first one, on the left..not so fond of the orange and pink, it just doesnt feel as 'done' or solid.
    sure, why not sell that..its got some energy!

  4. I do agree with you - I have always liked the first one and never been too sure of the pink and orange - my heart wasn't in it, but I needed more than one for the course...

    I shall mount them up and see how I feel then. I know if I'm still not happy with it I won't be able to put it in the shop ;-)

  5. And thank you all for your lovely comments :)

  6. How beautiful these are and how wonderful to see some of your City & Guilds work. Don't hide them away - it would be too sad!


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