Wednesday, 21 August 2013

The other side

Last week we spent a few days over on the east coast in Scarborough.  The light and the general feeling of the coastline over there are markedly different from here in the west; sometimes it's a bit too bracing for someone like me who is used to the gentle west coast air, but last week the weather was lovely.

We spent one morning at Saltwick Bay just south of Whitby.  We were dodging the rain showers, but in between the showers the light, the moody skies and the colours of the land and sea were just beautiful.

Black Nab

Behind the nab is the mysterious wreck of the 'Admiral von Tromp'.

Looking a bit like the bones of an ancient creature laid out on the beach.

It is rusting rather beautifully.

We all spent quite a lot of time looking down at the ground; some of us were searching for fossils, but I was fascinated by the patterns that the tide had made with hundreds of little pieces of slate all carefully positioned on end.

I shall definitely be going back to visit again!


  1. psssst.... That's Black Nab. (my rock, yay!) Saltwick Nab is the set of 2 rock formations to the left (north).

    1. Thanks Tina! I did try to look it up but failed, obviously ;)

  2. Lovely images, somewhere I must visit some time. Hubby prefers to go abroad but there are so many places I want to visit in my own country

    1. You have to pick your moment with the weather, but if you get it right it is beautiful.


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